Our Facilities

Located in South Surrey, the P&G FHIC is designed to create opportunities for Fraser Valley’s small to medium producers to reach their full food processing potential, increase their capacity and meet and exceed food safety standards required by new markets. It has been designed to do all of this while still maintaining the unique artisanal quality of value-added, British⁠ Columbia grown products.


The P&G FHIC will be a HACCP-certified, shared use, food processing facility. This certification is an international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. We have developed a robust program to assist BC’s specialty food producers, while building connections to BC’s farmers to increase their access to market.

The facility has been designed by an engineering firm with expertise in food production facility design and in partnership with consultants in both the food production scale-up and food safety professions. The facility and custom-built workstations have been designed for shared workflow and lean manufacturing practices. With capacity for up to 36 clients, Plenty & Grace is currently accepting applications for full and part time producers as well as seasonal users.

The FHIC facilities shared commercial manufacturing space offers equipment focused on the processing of local B.C. fruits, vegetables, tree nuts and herbs for value-added product production. The facility will not process meat, fish, egg, wheat or dairy products.

Yellow Plums Plenty & Grace Surrey Fraser Valley British Columbia Canada
Shared Use Food Processing Facility

4750 square feet

Prep & Production Room

Cleaning Room

Packaging & Labelling Room

Cold Storage

Dry Storage

Staff Room & Lockers

Anchor Client Stations

HACCP certification pending


Gas firemixers, vertical mixer, steam kettle and automated bottling line with filler and capper are the key offerings in the production space, allowing for a diverse product mix, both in sizing and type, to be produced in the FHIC. A dedicated packaging and labelling area offers storage space and labelling equipment, away from the ‘clean zone’ of the production room, allowing users the space and ability to work concurrently.

Plenty & Grace Copper Kettle Surrey Fraser Valley British Columbia Canada
Processing Equipment Available

2  – Firemixer Gas Kettles
Copper and Stainless steel available

Robot Coupe Vertical Mixer

Steam Kettle

Simplex Single Head Semi-Automatic Filler

Accutek Single Chuck Capper

Vacpack Machine

Automated Top Labeller
with inline Inkjet Printer

Commercial Dishwasher

Types of Products

The P&G FHIC is focused on and supports products made with B.C. grown ingredients, specifically processing plant-based ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, and herbs.

Raspberry Peppercorn Preserve Plenty & Grace Surrey Fraser Valley British Columbia Canada

juices, kombucha, bitters, natural sodas

Fruit & Vegetable Products
salsas, jams, sauces, syrups,
antipasto, relish, pickles

Spice blends, teas, salt blends

Nut Products
butters, candied nuts, brittles

Food Service
pie fillings, purées

Baby food, dried fruit snacks, bars