BC’s New Food Hub & Innovation Centre

Welcome to the Plenty & Grace Co Ltd Food Hub & Innovation Centre located in South Surrey, BC, a 5000-square-foot shared-use food production facility built to support B.C.’s artisan food producers and Fraser Valley farmers. We are part of the B.C. Food Hub Network, which aims to foster growth and innovation in the processing sector through improved industry access to facilities, equipment, technology, technical services and business support.

We’re creating a cooperative community of like-minded entrepreneurs who share innovative and creative values producing delicious products from B.C. grown ingredients to be shared with the world.

The shared commercial manufacturing space is focused on the processing of local B.C. fruits, vegetables, tree nuts and herbs for value-added product production. The shared use facility and custom-built workstations have been designed for shared workflow and lean manufacturing practices.

The goal of the Food Hub is to build a supportive and inclusive space for innovation and development, in a cooperative community model with a vision to create a collaborative environment, where shared expertise and knowledge is key to the success of our clients.

In addition to being a shared use food processing facility, the Plenty & Grace FHIC offers services including co-packing, food business consulting, lab services, B.C. ingredient sourcing as well as distribution which includes a new HOME delivery platform. This cooperative community model has been designed to create a collaborative and supportive environment for learning and development for all of the producers who use the space.

We’re excited to welcome makers and farmers to the new space and for all the fresh Fraser Valley ingredients to begin arriving, to be turned into creations for the world to enjoy.

Join our community and
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