Introducing the Food Hub

15 October 2020

In case you missed it, we officially opened the doors to our food hub facility on September 1st! We’re beyond excited to say the least! 

Located in South Surrey, the Plenty & Grace Food Hub & Innovation Centre is a 5000-square-foot shared-use production facility. The shared commercial manufacturing space is focused on the processing of local B.C. fruits, vegetables, tree nuts and herbs for value-added production. The facility and custom-built workstations have been designed for shared workflow and lean manufacturing practices to allow local farmers and artisanal producers to reach their full processing potential and increase their capacity beyond their current means.

Our food hub also goes beyond the day-to-day operations of processing and originated out of the desire to cultivate a collaborative community of like-minded entrepreneurs who share innovative and creative values with one another. We believe this shared expertise and knowledge is the key to success. Additionally, we offer services including co-packing, food business consulting, lab services, B.C. ingredient sourcing as well as distribution which includes a new HOME delivery platform launching soon. We are there for support each and every step of the way to help our clients share their delicious products with the rest of the world.

We can’t wait to welcome more makers and farmers to the new space and for all the fresh, local ingredients to be turned into creations for the world to enjoy. We are currently accepting applications for full and part time producers as well as seasonal users. If you are interested in learning more about our options please contact us at